5 tips to accessorize

Learn to combine the clothes with accessories and create unique looks that reflect your true style.. Turns out, it is not that complicated once you know [and practice] these basics:

1. know Your body structure

Take time to look in the mirror and discover those areas of your body that are great to show off and those areas that you need to camouflage with proper clothing and accessories. #AllAboutShape

2. know Your face shape

This is easy, just take a close look an analyse the shape of your face.. what earrings best balance your face shape? long, wide, short, triangular..? #AllAboutBalance

3. know The necklines

Did you know that the neckline can make you look thiner, or thicker? taller or shorter?.. For example, if you have a round face you should definitely avoid round necklines as they will only make you look rounder from your chest up... In this case you should use V necklines to break the round shape and give the illusion of a longer neck.

On the other hand, if you have a long face, you can go to round or square necklines to balance out your face shape. #ItsAllAnIllusion

4. Integrate The jewelry

It is always good to have a little bit of all.. Round necklaces, Y necklaces, U necklaces, Long necklaces, etc.. The key to successfully get the most out of them is considering the neckline of your clothing.. #AllAboutAccessories

For example, if using a V neckline choose a Y or V necklace. If using a round or U neckline choose a round necklace.

Avoid for example, using a V neckline with a round necklace as it will only cut the design of your blouse or dress..

5. Play dress up

This is the best part of it all, I really recommend you to take a day and try all of your clothing every new season as it will help you declutter while giving you the chance to accessorize and visually practice random combinations that are difficult to get when in a hurry to dress up. #PracticePracticePractice You can even take pictures of your looks to have in mind for latter on, and it is a great time to clean and organize your whole accessories and wardrobe!!

Now is time for you to accessorize like a pro!!

Did you like these tips?

Share them with your gals and leave your thoughts in the comments..

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Thanks for letting me be your personal stylist and jewelry designer.. Arlette Mo.

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