The Basics

Do you want to start or re-do your accessories and clothing wardrobe? It might sound easy to say "just start with the basics"but, what are the basics? Let's see..

First ting first.. If you want to include more accessories to your style, take a close look into your closet and find out how accessorizable is your current wardrobe.. Even though you can accessorize almost everything, you'll be amazed to see how easier it gets once you learn to buy the right clothing in terms of colors and necklines. #JewelryBasics

When shopping for clothing:

  1. Buy by season so you have a nice variety of style and colors

  2. Avoid printed or patterned fabrics as it might limit the versatility to mix and match

  3. Choose the appropriate neckline for your body type

  4. Keep it simple. Less is more when it comes to clothing, plain colors with no rhinestones or embellishments are best!


Now let's move to the accessories..

When we say "basics" it means that the jewelry pieces we have are versatile enough to combine with other accessories or to use with almost everything in the closet. There are no rules when it come to basics as we all have different style, but regardless of colors and shapes try this:

  1. One super thin V or Y style metal necklace [gold, silver, copper, old gold, etc]

  2. Pearls, oh yes pearls are always in style so make sure you have at least one lariat of pearls on the color of your preference

  3. Big pendants, at least one short and one long. they always come in useful #StatementJewelry

  4. The statement piece, make sure you have at least one big piece of bling in your basic collection!!

Earrings are also important, make sure you have:

  1. A variety of small studs [at least white, clear and black]

  2. A pair of short earrings

  3. A pair of long earrings

  4. A pair of chandelier earrings [blig bling style]

A post about "Choosing the Right Earrings" will be released soon.. Sign up to get the alert!!

Include a variety of bracelets:

  1. A set of bangles

  2. A metallic or chain bracelet

  3. A big cuff bracelet

  4. A fabric bracelet

  5. A wrap bracelet

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